About Me

Development Producer

I work as a freelance PD and Development Producer, on both broadcast and branded content and I’ve been in the industry for more than fifteen years.

As a Producer I’m used to making big ideas happen with the minimum of drama, relishing jobs which are high risk, firsts or need complex logistics to succeed. I’m a calm head on location, a natural problem solver, used to managing difficult and changing circumstances.

A specialist in ‘build shows’, stunts and popular science and engineering, I’m able to save you time, money and potential headaches if brought in early. Almost any concept which requires you to make your subject before you can shoot it presents a serious challenge to schedules and budgets, so good advice is vital.

Despite the niche I’m very happy and interested to work across any content – a ‘development brain’ means I’m up to speed quickly.

Working as a Development Producer I’m used to generating ideas, nurturing relationships, pitching, budgeting, writing and producing sizzles. Broadcast, branded and AFP. I’ve written for all sorts of broadcasters and clients, across all sorts of genres, generating further development cash and commissions – from property features to epic Discovery 90 min specials.

An easy going and decisive director on location, I’ve worked on a range of programming, from a two man crew in Arctic Alaska following oil rig workers, to big multi camera set ups like Scrapheap Challenge where I managed a crew of 45.  I’m experienced at using drones, helicopters and ‘toys’ like Russian Arm tracking vehicles.

I self-shoot on most formats (started out as a corporate camera op on DigiBeta) and I still find myself getting stuck in on an PMW 800, FS7, rigging GoPros or building up a Ronin. I’m not scared of technology and I enjoy keeping up to date – new kit is always offering up fresh creative and editorial options.

In my spare time I’m an avid nonfiction reader, particularly interested in pretty much everything, from the Bronze Age to the blockchain. Whether it’s a branded piece for Wickes, an ob doc for C4 or survival format for Discovery, I’d love to hear from you.

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A specialist in ‘build shows’, stunts and popular science and engineering.

Development producer

Generating ideas, nurturing relationships, pitching, budgeting, hammering out format issues and producing sizzles.


Experienced on a variety of cameras including PDW-F800 and FS7. Happy using other kit including radio mics, lighting, Ronins, Go Pros etc.


07779 145122