I’ve organised projects across the world, from Deal to Deadhorse Alaska. A strong team leader, I’m used to heading off problems before they start, managing staff and managing expectations, delivering on time and on budget.

On location I’m a calm head, a natural problem solver, happy to muck in and used to rolling with last minute changes. Not fazed by complex logistics or high risk ideas. Superb black book for ‘build shows’ or anything with a practical angle. Broadcast and branded experience.

Gadget Man, (Series Producer)
North One (C4)

Porsche Cayman VS Drones
Little Dot Studios
(YouTube / Porsche)

None Of The Above pilots
Renegade Pictures
(National Geographic)

Beat The Ancestors
Dragonfly (C5)

Inside Incredible Athletes
Renegade Pictures (C4)

Scrapheap Challenge
RDF (C4) Idris Elba: No Limits,
Shine North (Discovery)

Driving Wild
Dragonfly (Discovery)

Crime Scene Cleaners
Steel Spyda (Tru TV)

Breaking Magic Series 2


Extensive development experience across a wide range of genres and topics, for broadcasters as diverse as FYI, History, Discovery, Red Bull, MTV and C4. Documentary, features, factual entertainment, specialist factual and branded content – I’m very happy to provide examples of my writing. Some success stories:

Totally Rental WT
Wickes AFP Home makeover format, Little Dot Studios (All 4)

Driving Wild
Dragonfly (Discovery)

Mud Men
ITN Productions (History)

Voyage of the Plastiki
Renegade Pictures (Nat Geo)

Planet Mechanics
Renegade Pictures (Nat Geo)

Impact WT
90 minute asteroid / engineering special Caravan Media (Discovery)

Amazing On The Inside
Home features format, Barcroft Media (Netflix)

Mission Survive
Betty (ITV)

Engineering Giants
Lion TV (BBC2)

Steel Spyda (National Geographic)
The Garage, Cheetah (Discovery)

Mission Implausible
IWC (Sky One)

Breaking Point
Dragonfly (Discovery)


Single and multi-camera directing experience including the use of drones, tracking vehicles and helicopters. Used to managing both established talent and nervous contributors, always ensuring the project is as fun as it can be for all concerned.

Bang Goes The Theory
BBC Science (BBC1)

Big, Bigger, Biggest
Windfall Films (National Geographic)

Breaking Magic Series 2
Objective Productions

Scrapheap Challenge
RDF (C4) Top Five, Blink Films (Discovery)

How Do They Do It?
Wag TV (Discovery)


Confident self-shooter / shooting PD on FS7, C300, PMW-500, PDW-F800. Happy rigging basic sound, interview lighting, go pros and grip kit.

Top Five
Blink Films (Discovery)

Inside Incredible Athletes
Renegade Pictures (C4)

Oil, Sweat and Rigs
Mentorn (Discovery)

Idris Elba: No Limits
Shine North / Green Door Pictures (Discovery)

Crime Scene Cleaners
Steel Spyda (TruTV)

Scrappy Races
RDF (C4)

‘Climbing Great Buildings’
ITN Productions (BBC2)

Bang Goes The Theory
BBC Science (BBC1)

Great British Weather VT’s
Love Productions (BBC1)



“Nick has worked for me as a development producer over the years and has always proven an effective writer and idea generator, consistently offering up new ideas and leads. He’s able to turn out good looking, glossy treatments across a range of genres, for all sorts of broadcasters and branded projects, often to very tight deadlines. He knows his area well – an excellent source of advice on male skewing content – especially for US broadcasters like Discovery and Nat Geo. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick for production or development roles.”

Simon Howley, MD, Kowalski Media 

“Nick is exceptional. Whether the gig is weeks or days, he throws in his all. Strong at ideas creation, knowledgeable about channels’ output and commissioners. Excellent pitching skills. Strong development and production skills. Calm, clear headed and logical under stress. The proof is in the pudding. Whilst working on my team, Nick’s development work has led to development deals and commissions. Also, great fun to work with and very supportive. “

Katherine Parsons, Executive Producer 

“I employed Nick Watson last year as a producer, on an ambitious stunt. I employed him because he was known for his ability to manage difficult practical production jobs which required multiple skills in difficult circumstances. However, I found his skill set to be much more far-reaching than I had anticipated. It was a job that required gaining the trust of hostile institutions and organisations, working out the practicalities and feasibility – financial, logistical and editorial – of an immensely complicated multifaceted endeavor, managing expectations and serving up unpalatable information to me, his employer, whilst pushing recalcitrant contributors to entertain undertaking tasks well outside their comfort zone – indeed well outside anything they would previously have thought of. The entire endeavour had to be presented in a stylish, immediately comprehensible way to the commissioner, conveying a sense of effortless compliance on the part of all those who had been tasked with taking part. I found Nick immensely impressive in carrying out every aspect of the job he was set. It was a huge and difficult mission, and he pulled it off where I think many others might not.”

Dinah Lord, Creative Director, Caravan Media 

“Nick has worked for me at Dragonfly both in the Development team and as a Senior Producer who helped develop and then deliver a brand new travel / build show format for Discovery International. His ability to combine creative ambition with editorial nous and a pragmatic and highly organised approach to production has made him my ‘go to’ for any project with an engineering/scientific/experimental bent. He is a clear communicator, straightforward to deal with and very reliable. While working in Development, Nick consistently demonstrated a good journalistic nose for new ideas and the ability to approach subjects in an original and eye-catching way. He proved himself a talented and speedy writer. He has a very strong knowledge of specialist factual television, both in terms of established broadcasters and newer markets plus an excellent black book of contacts.”

Clare Mottershead, Executive Producer, Dragonfly Film & TV
07779 145122